Citrus Mint Peach Salad

6-8 peaches
1 ruby red grapefruit
2 navel oranges
2 tangerines
1 lemon (for zest only)
1 bunch fresh mint
superfine sugar

Zest 1/2 of the lemon and about 1/2 of one of the navel oranges. Put the zest into about 1/2 C of superfine sugar and let it flavour the sugar for at least 1/2 hour.
Wash, halve, and stone the peaches. Slice each half into 8-10 slices. Put all the sliced peaches into a large serving bowl.
Now cut the top and bottom off all the oranges and grapefruit. place each piece of fruit on your board, and using a sharp knife, from the top curving around the fruit towards the bottom, cut away all the pith and peel, leaving just the flesh exposed. Then take the peeled fruit, and slice each segment away from all surrounding membranes with a sharp paring knife. This is called a “supreme“. Cut all the citrus into supremes and put in with the peaches. Then take the left over membranes and squeeze the remainder of the juice over the peach and citrus mixture, being careful not to get any seeds in it.
Now take about 3 T or so of the mint and coarsely chop it and throw with a flourish onto the fruit. Now take a few tablespoons of the flavoured sugar, shake over the fruit and mint, and mix VERY GENTLY.

Lastly, take several sprigs of the mint, get them moist (but not dripping wet) and dust them in the sugar until they are coated well, being careful not to bruise. Let them dry, and then use them to garnish the dish. Also, they taste delicious just by themselves, or as a garnish for any number of desserts/cocktails.

This is a great summery dessert, but of course is amazing all year round, as is everything I make, obviously.

This would also be really good blended and then served with sparkling white wine – Prosecco or Champagne (like a Bellini, but better).


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