Fried Chicken

Buttermilk, seasoned with pepper, salt, garlic powder, smoked paprika to taste

3 eggs
1/3 C milk

2 C self-rising flour
1 t fresh ground black pepper
1 t salt
1 t garlic powder
3/4 t smoked paprika

1 (2.5 lb) chicken cut into pieces

The day before, marinate the chicken pieces in buttermilk that is well seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic powder and smoked paprika

Beat eggs with milk in small bowl, in a shallow breading pan, season flour with spices. Remove the chicken pieces from the buttermilk marinade and let as much of the marinade drip off as possible. Dip chicken pieces in egg mixture and then coat well with flour mixture. Carefully add to your hot oil/shortening and fry until brown and crisp, but not burnt. Dark meats takes longer (12-13 min) compared to 8-10 for white meat.

When you’re frying the chicken, please use a large cast iron skillet – it retains the heat quite well and therefore provides a more even temperature for frying, which means less burnt or underdone chicken. The self-rising flour gives it a crispier texture. Smoked paprika might be hard to find, but most supermarkets will have it in the section of the more expensive spices. The main secretness is the marinating the chicken in the buttermilk the day before. It makes the chicken all moist and full of flavour completely apart from the deliciously spicy, crunchy, crusty coating.


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