Spring Green Salad with Kumquats and Pickled Shallots

6 C of a spring salad mix – anything with baby arugula, beet greens, various lettuces, frisée, mustard greens, etc.
10-12 kumquats, sliced in half
8 strips bacon, cooked until very crispy, cooled and crumbled, added directly before serving
chopped parsley to taste
mini bocconcini (penny-sized fresh mozarella balls)
pickled shallots (recipe below)

Pickled Shallots:
4 shallots, sliced paper thin
1/2 t kosher salt
1/2 t white sugar
2 T white wine vinegar
juice of two small tangerines/mandarins or one orange

Let the shallots sit for an hour or so in the liquid, stirring occasionally to ensure even coverage by the liquid.

2-3 T of the pickling liquid whisked with 3-4 T of neutral vegetable oil, salt and pepper to taste


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