about this blog

Foodnography is about cooking with diverse flavours from all over the world coupled with the inherent sensuality in cooking good, fresh food.

Unless otherwise noted, all recipes here are of my own invention. While I often pull from many other peoples’ recipes for inspiration, I always add my own twist on them.  I don’t believe that any recipe is ever perfect.

I cannot stress enough that all measurements are approximate.  I never measure when I cook and I never make any recipe the same way twice. It’s just how I cook. I just add as much as seems right, and so when I go back and write my recipes, I have to decide how much I think I added, and I’m quite certain that I’m often wrong. If you think any recipes needs less or more of any ingredients, please, by all means, do what you think is right.

Special note for vegans and vegetarians: I mark a recipe as vegetarian if the recipe is clearly vegetarian or if any non-vegetarian ingredients could be easily omitted/replaced, the same goes for recipes marked vegan.


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